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Concerns Over Canadian Marijuana Entrepreneurs Being Banned In The U.S.

The Cannabis Act is hugely popular in Canada, but the U.S. border patrol does not share their enthusiasm. With the date fast approaching, concerns over how cannabis businessmen and women will be treated at the border have increased. photo/istock/ yelo34

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Virginia Announces Its 5 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

This week, the governor’s law came into fruition as Virginia named the 5 companies that will be the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries. 51 companies applied for licenses, and out of the 5 chosen, 3 are from out of state and 2 are Virginia-based photo/istock/Evgeny Gromov

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Hemp in America at CWCB Expo Boston

The health, environmental, and economic benefits of reviving the hemp industry in America will be discussed and showcased in partnership with the National Hemp Association (NHA) at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition October 17-20, at the John B. Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. To go to the website click on “Learn More”

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BONGZILLA!! Las Vegas Celebrates Cannabis Culture With 24 ft Fully Functioning Bong

Harris and a team of other top glass artists have created Bongzilla - a 24 - foot glass bong that will call the Cannabition Museum in the downtown Las Vegas Arts District home.

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Proposed Senate Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans

According to the Herald-Tribune report, “Warriors Rise Up”, it is estimated that around 20 veterans per day commit suicide due to PTSD and complications from opioid abuse. Now,a bill sponsored by Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) aims to alleviate their pain with medical marijuana photo/istock/Lumineux_Images

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Maya Elisabeth Co-Founder of Whoopi & Maya to Moderate “Wellness, Women & Cannabis” at CWCBExpo Los Angeles Business

Trade Show and Conference, Sept. 26-29, to Feature the Full Spectrum of the Cannabis Industry

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Worries About Infrastructure A Top Priority For Cannabis Industry

There have been several accidents at greenhouses over the past year, and industry experts are concerned, according to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) autumn meeting. photo/istock/Jedraszak

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Judge Allows Kindergartner To Take Cannabis Medication To School

In Santa Rosa county a judge ruled in favor of 5-year old Brooke Adams, whose family was fighting for the right for her to take cannabis-based medicine for seizures. photo/istock/LightFieldStudios

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Hemp in America at CWCBExpo Boston

Farm Bill Update & Museum Showcasing One Of America’s First Crops Highlights Leading Cannabis Trade Show & Conference

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The Concerns Of Corporatizing Cannabis Culture

The culture is finding itself in unfamiliar territory with the sweeping legalization reforms and decriminalization. Legalization will lead to corporatizing cannabis culture in our lifetimes, and people are worried that it will never be the same after. Maybe they are right. photo /istock / ajr_images

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Cannabis Industry Not High On Hiring Smokers

Business owners, particularly the medical marijuana market, are not at all interested in hiring smokers for their operation. Anyone thinking about a job in the industry should know that the business owners are operating a legal business and will adhere to the usual hiring practices. photo/istock/Cabezonication

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As Legalization Spreads, Researchers Amp Up Medical Marijuana Testing

  In order to truly help establish cannabis as a viable alternative to opioids and other pain medication, we need hard science to back it up. Fortunately, more research is exactly what we are getting, including the first academic programs in the world dedicated to the study of cannabis. photo/istock/boonchai wedmakawand

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Who Is Responsible For Preventing Federal Marijuana Reform?

While it’s true that the government tends to move slowly on law reform, one might think that there are other, unseen forces at work, and they would be right. Hands down, the most prominent opponent of true cannabis reform is the pharmaceutical industry. photo/istock/madsci

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Mandatory Pesticide Testing Costly For Struggling Growers In Colorado

The state of Colorado has implemented new marijuana pesticide testing rules that will add thousands of dollars to already inflated costs for all growers. photo/istock/Rex_Wholster

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The Importance Of Diversity To The Cannabis Industry

Because the burgeoning legal cannabis industry has high barriers, minorities generally are not able to start their own legal businesses. According to Dasheeda Dawson of, there are several ways diversifying the industry now would be a great benefit for all. photo/istock/jacoblund 

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Cannabis Farmers And Rural Residents Still At Odds In Sonoma County

As the rules and regulations for a legal cannabis industry fall into place in California, one of the most contentious issues continues to be the location of cannabis farms in rural areas. 

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 A personal Take On The Quality of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is grown at huge facilities that are regulated by the government. They grow quantities for the masses and supply local dispensaries with a consistent product, but is the quality any good? photo/istock/tvirbickis 

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Colorado Poised To Be The First State To Have Licensed Marijuana Tasting Rooms

A first-of-its-kind bill is set to come across the desk of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper soon, and if he signs it will make Colorado the first state in the nation to have state licensed marijuana tasting rooms.  photo/