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Before There Was Botox, There Was Cannabis

As I checked my coat in the lobby of the Hearst building on 57th street in Manhattan, I was impressed by the number of beauty industry insiders who were there to attend Cosmetic Executive Women's panel discussion, "The Future of Cannabis in Beauty photo/Cheryl Green

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Employment as a Cannabis Real Estate Agent

If you’re currently working as a real estate agent or want to break into this industry for part-time employment, right now is a prime opportunity to capitalize on this expanding market. photo/istock:smileitsmccheeze

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry - Mechanical Engineering

Technology always moves at a rapid pace. The past 100 years alone have given us modern cars, the industrial revolution, space travel, and the internet. So it makes sense that the rapidly growing cannabis industry is home to some of the most cutting edge in farming and extracting technology today. photo/istock/monkeybusinessimages

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry - Leverage Your Experience pt.1

 For a lot of people thinking about getting into the cannabis industry, the many paths to get there can seem confusing and overwhelming. The good news is that unlike most other businesses where a lack of experience in that realm will quickly land your resume in the rejection bin, cannabis businesses are generally open to newcomers with the right skills. photo/istock/gustavofrazao

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Cannabis Industry Jobs - Leveraging Your Experience pt.2

 The cannabis industry is growing fast and many of the applicants are young people, so they might not have a hefty work history, but there are many skills that one can learn on their own time or as a freelancer that are transferable Photo/istock/relif

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry - Sales

The path to success in the cannabis industry is a bit different than many others. In an emerging and rapidly growing industry, establishing a brand or marketing your products can feel like swimming upstream. This is where the salesperson comes in. photo/istock/boonchai wedmakawand

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Cannabis Delivery Drivers Wanted!!

Jobs in cannabis for individuals with a clean driving record are in high-demand, and cannabis delivery drivers are wanted in almost every state where either medical or recreational cannabis is legal. Medical and recreational cannabis is on the rise, and dispensaries need individuals who can deliver the products to the customers. photo/Istock/JJFarquitectos

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Michigan Becomes The Next State To Legalize Marijuana

The midterm elections of 2018 are over and it was a big night for the cannabis community. Marijuana initiatives were on the ballot in many states, and several pro-legalization lawmakers were elected to office. One of the big victories for legalization is in Michigan, where voters approved the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.

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Las Vegas Based Cannabis Entrepreneur Speaking at a "Sold Out" MJ Biz Conference and Expo

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It’s Time To Focus On Children Who Need Medical Cannabis

In New Mexico, there is currently a battle being waged. Fronted by two mothers, Lindsey Sledge and Tisha Brick, whose children had to be taken off school grounds to take their medical marijuana, they are pushing for state legislators to change laws to allow their children and others to be allowed to take them on grounds. Photo/istock/keeweeboy

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Cannabis Industry Bring More Jobs To Oregon Than Tech Industry

Over the past several years, many reports and projections predicted that jobs in the cannabis industry would outnumber those in the tech industry in the state of Oregon. A year later, we can see that those projections were indeed true. photo/istock/Catalin205

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The Democratic Party Cannot Afford To Be Gun Shy About Legalization

We like to think of the democratic party as the ones who will save the country from the archaic, foolish anti marijuana laws that have long plagued our country, but closer inspection shows this might not be the case.

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Is Marijuana Tourism The Next Big Thing In The United States?

For a long time, there seemed to be very limited tourist destinations where weed smoking was a selling point. That has started to change in the wake of legalization in the U.S., as several states have or are planning to have marijuana-themed tourist attractions and activities. Photo/istock/eldadcarin


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The Cannabis Industry Needs Freelance Writers

Just like any other business that is running retail sales via online platforms and utilizes E-commerce shopping carts, every website needs convincing and engaging content. There are a lot of cannabis edible manufacturers, dispensaries, and producers that spend a lot of money on freelance writers to create content and promote their brand. photo/istock/Talaj

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry - Compliance Manager

 Not surprisingly, the more lucrative jobs in the cannabis industry require both advanced degrees and years of job experience. These jobs can be legal or mechanical in nature, and are often what stands between success and complete collapse for cannabis companies. photo/istock/cyano66

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Watching women toke up and play Shrill Society’s Nasty Woman card game is the perfect cannabis fueled, stigma-shattering girls-night-in.

The ladies who created High Herstory, the “420-friendly female Drunk History we’ve all been waiting for” (Bustle) have teamed up with cannabis delivery platform Nugg and feminist media brand Shrill Society to foster hilarious, real-talk conversation and shatter cannabis stigma.

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry Jobs - Plant Trimmer/Cultivation Worker

Among entry level positions in the cannabis industry, the plant trimmer or cultivator is probably the position that most will start at. In a way, it’s the most important position in the industry. The amount of crop in the country has grown and will continue to grow at an exponential rate, and these workers are the backbone of the operation. photo/istock/Zbynek Pospisil

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The First Steps Of Breaking Into The Marijuana Industry Part 1

 With the tide of legalization sweeping the country, the marijuana industry is one of the hottest prospects for young adults, career-changing business people, and entrepreneurs. Passion is great for any career, but before one can apply that passion they need to understand the landscape they’re getting into and have a plan

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry Part 2 - Location And Entry Level Budtending

Do a search for cannabis industry jobs on any job website and you’ll see a plethora of positions available. Because the industry is new and prospering, employers cast a wide net hoping to fill these entry level positions. This means there is real opportunity for people from a vast array of previous careers who can utilize their skill set in the industry. Photo/Istock/fizkes

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Cannabis Declassification Continues To Spread Around The World - This Time In Britain

When Canada become the first industrialized nation to legalize marijuana last month, economists everywhere predicted a quickening of decriminalization across the western world. It didn’t take long for that prediction to come true, as Great Britain is now allowing doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to patients in need. photo/istock/Rex_Wholster

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What Cannabis Industry Jobs Can You Get With Your Skill Set?

As the cannabis industry continues to thrive, the market of cannabis products diversifies. There are dozens upon dozens of cannabis products available, and the American entrepreneurial spirit ensures that innovation will add more in the coming years. photo/istock/HighGradeRoots

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Former NFL Player Tiki Barber Rushes Into The Cannabis Industry

 NFL fans remember Tiki Barber, who played ten seasons with the New York Giants and retired in 2007 as the team’s all time rushing and receiving leader. His latest business endeavor is taking him to new highs, as he and partner Kevin Shin announced the formation of Grove Group Management, which will focus on helping businesses navigate the waters of the legal cannabis industry photo/istock/takoburito

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Marijuana Legalization Day In Canada Is Finally Here

One of the most important events in the history of cannabis culture is here - the day a major Western nation grants full legalization at the federal level to marijuana. As of October 17th, Canada has officially become the 2nd country in the world to legalize marijuana, and the effects of this historic event will be felt all around the world. Photo/istock/AlexLMX

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry - Grower

One of the most popular searches for cannabis jobs is a grower. Having your own grow operation and making a legit business out of it seems like the best thing in the world for some folks, but it isn’t that easy to get into for a number of reasons. photo/istock/piritPeaks

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Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry: Cannabis Concentrates Extractor

Many of the main cannabis industry jobs that are not quite entry level but in the tier right above them take place in a lab. Of these, the most accessible to newcomers is probably the cannabis concentrates extractor. Photo/Istock/Yana Tatevosian

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Entry Level Jobs in Cannabis

Right now, the cannabis initiative is gaining some legal ground on almost every level across states that are not fully legal. With that in mind, entry-level jobs in cannabis at cultivation centers are in demand, and it’s the perfect time to get a good paying job. Photo/Istock/golubovy

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Missouri Approves Medical Marijuana

Voters in the Midwest state of Missouri have approved Amendment 2 - a constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana - and a host of provisions within this past Tuesday, bringing the total number of states with some form of legalization to 32.

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Pro-Cannabis Candidates Ran In The Midterm Elections

 We recently covered the 4 states with cannabis initiatives on the ballot for the midterms - Michigan, North Dakota, Utah, and Missouri - but not the candidates who could shape the status of cannabis. Today, we’ll take a closer look at 4 of the pro-marijuana candidates, 2 from those states and 2 from others, who ran on election day.

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How Should A Typical Dispensary Look? No One Is Sure

As the ‘green wave’ sweeps over the country and barriers to a legal cannabis market continue to crumble, the marijuana industry is faced with a problem - how should these stores look? This might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but the viability of the industry relies partly on its aesthetics. photo/Isotock/RUBEN RAMOS

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Canada May Have Legalized, But Border Control Still Strict

By now we’ve all heard the news about Canada legalizing pot for medical and recreational use, but a warning should be issued to those thinking it will be easy to take a trip up north to score some. Northern border control has not changed and will actually be somewhat tougher in the wake of Canada’s legalization. photo/istock/sequential5