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A Cannabis Flight Into Mother Russia

If you’re planning a trip to Russia in the near future, there are some things you should know about cannabis in the Mother Land. As we all know, taking your cannabis on a commercial flight into a foreign country won’t even make it past US Customs or TSA officials. If you want to blaze-up some cannabis while you’re there, you’ll need to know your surroundings and who you’re dealing with. 
Cannabis is highly illegal in Russia, thanks to the new government under Vladimir Putin. Even though it’s more of an administrative violation and not formally a crime unless you have over 6 grams on your person; nonetheless, it can cause all kinds of problems. It is illegal to grow, purchase, distribute, and smoke cannabis in Moscow and being under the influence of any drug, even one dose, is enough to land you behind bars for several years. 
If You Get Caught? 

As a foreigner, if you get caught, your best option is to immediately offer a bribe to the Voennaya Politsiya or VP. This approach would hold little weight in the US and other countries; however, this is Russia we’re talking about and bribes are almost always accepted. If you’re caught with possession over the 6-gram limit or under the influence of cannabis, a lengthy prison sentence hangs over your head, so do not offer $20 bucks to get yourself out of trouble. A standardly accepted bribe is about $30,000 Russian Ruble or $500 USD. 
Where to Buy Cannabis in Russia
There are no street dealers in Russia and do not deal with someone you don’t know. It’s possible to find Caucasian’s in the squares or markets, but this can be a very dangerous maneuver. The best place to buy and smoke cannabis in Russia is at the nightclubs or techno events. Moscow clubbers will know some English and the clubs are the safest place to smoke as it’s widely accepted.