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Ailments with which Cannabis can assist

By  David Dickerman photo/istock/UrosPoteko

While most of the focus on marijuana laws is centered on consumption for recreation these days, we often forget that what led us here is a noble and worthwhile cause in and of itself. It probably comes as no surprise that California was a pioneer in the area of medical marijuana, as they have been at the forefront for most of the change in perspective when it comes to pot as a result of Proposition 215. Since then, many more states have legalized marijuana for use in a medical context than for recreational purposes. Below are a few of the ailments with which this magical herb can assist. 

Cancer – It is no secret that marijuana stimulates appetite and can treat nausea that comes with chemotherapy, but studies on animals also show that it may also kill cancer cells, stop growth, and improve the impact of radiation therapy.

Epilepsy - Trials at NYU showed that using marijuana extract, even with the THC removed, resulted in a decrease in occurrences of seizures in some child patients by almost half. The resulting decrease in muscle spasms and tremors also led to use in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

 Alzheimer's – Medical marijuana has helped Alzheimer’s patients gain weight, calm down when manic, and even slow the development of protein deposits that may be linked to the cause of the disease.

This is by no means an exhaustive list as the medical applications of cannabis are growing more and more with each passing day. The challenge is in providing controlled studies, which still receives a lot of push back to this day.