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Cannabis Industry Has Major Consequences For Woman Who Called Police On 8 Year Old Girl

By Roger Malespin Photo/istock/monkeybusinessimages

Possibly the biggest viral video of the past week was that of a woman named Alison Ettel, who in a bizarrely cruel move, tried to call the police on a 8-year old girl selling water on a hot day in San Francisco. The incident was captured on video by the girl’s mother, and quickly gained tens of thousands of views and shares across social media. It turns out that Ettel owns and operates a company called Treatwell Health, a California based cannabis tincture company that specializes in cannabis products for pets, and the reaction from the rest of the cannabis community has been swift and harsh.

Within a day of the video going online, several cannabis companies who carried her products have publicly severed ties with Treatwell. Magnolia Oakland posted on their social sites “As of today, Magnolia will no longer be carrying Treatwell Tinctures. After seeing this video of their CEO calling the police on an 8-year old entrepreneur selling water on a hot day, we decided without hesitation that we could no longer patronize her company”.
Although Treatwell’s products were good sellers for Magnolia, their CEO, Kate Rabinowitz said “Treatwell was one of our best selling products but to us, Integrity is always above profits.”

Other companies who have severed business ties with Treatwell include SPARCcannabis, WeDistill, GetLeashed magazine, WomenGrow, and others, along with numerous individual consumers who have said they will no longer buy her products. 

People were quick to point out that Ettel is a white woman and the little girl, Jordan Rodgers, is black. Given the recent history of high profile cases of white people making frivolous police calls on black citizens doing absolutely nothing wrong, accusation of racism were quickly aimed at her. For her part, Ettel has said there was no racial component and that she was annoyed that Jordan and her mother were being too loud when she was trying to get work done. 

Regardless if racism motivated her, Ettel displayed an alarming level of pettiness and misery by trying to hurt a little girl. One would think that as a woman entrepreneur herself, she would be supportive and encouraging to Jordan - she could have even been a mentor of a sort. Instead, a rash decision made out of frustration has cost her dearly, and she will likely be ostracized from the cannabis community because of it.

It’s great to see the reactions from the cannabis community thus far. SWATing an 8 year old child is abhorrent under any circumstances, and severing business ties with Treatwell is the best way to respond. It should be noted that there is good news for the young entrepreneur - Musician Jonathon Brannon has purchased tickets Jordan and her family to go to Disneyland. 

We are a community from all walks of life and cultures from around the world who are supportive of each other, especially those in minority communities who have less capital to break into the cannabis business. Vile, vindictive, and possibly racist actions have no place in our community and we encourage our readers to not buy Treatwell products. There are other great products that focus on pets who are much more worthy of our time and money.