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Marijuana Industry Opens Up Various Types of Positions

By Harry Lyons  (photo/istock.comHighGradeRoots)

Everyone knows that a dispensary needs people to grow and process marijuana and folks to sell the products to customers. Ever since marijuana laws across the country started changing a few years ago, jobs as trimmers and budtenders began popping up all over states that legalized some form of the plant. Nowadays though, the legal marijuana industry is creating a broad spectrum of careers for those with experience and interest in the industry. 
These days’ career opportunities exist that people didn't even dream of ten years ago. Not only is the industry creating different types of jobs other careers are getting the chance to benefit when they offer services specifically for the marijuana industry. There are now magazines, newspapers, and marketing agencies that all profit from the legal marijuana industry. 
According to National Public Radio, the marijuana industry is expected to grow to $10 billion per year nationwide shortly. NPR reports that people are starting to find jobs in the industry doing things like producing edibles, packaging products, or working as an extraction technician. The different types of marijuana products such as edibles and concentrates are creating numerous new opportunities within the cannabis industry. 
While some retail industries have been struggling recently, the marijuana industry has been steadily creating new jobs. According to AlterNet, the marijuana industry is growing at a rapid rate while other sectors are tanking. The legalization of marijuana has created several new opportunities for careers that already exist. The industry has created more jobs for doctor's and physician assistants to assist medical marijuana patients. The industry has also created more government and legal positions to help facilitate the law changes. 
John Holliday who works as a bud trimmer at a grow warehouse near Pueblo, CO, says that he enjoys his new career as a trimmer. "The pay is good, and the company gives a bonus every day to a top-notch employee," Holliday said. Ten years ago getting paid to trim marijuana would have been illegal. 
As more states loosen their laws regarding the plant, all sorts of new ways to legally make money are popping up. In some areas, marijuana journalists are getting hired by newspapers and magazines that want reporters to keep up on the latest industry news. Not only has the legalization of marijuana now allow people to get high without legal repercussions but now you can legally make money doing what would have been a felony a decade ago.