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Cannabis in The House of Corrections 


If you think drugs are illegal in county jails, you are right; however, cannabis still finds its way inside the walls of almost every correctional institution. It enters through various methods and is a huge business whether correctional officials want to admit it or not. Most prisons use special officers trained for drug enforcement and interior perimeter security that is known as (IPS). Their job is to investigate all inmates breaking the rules, fights, and to stop the flow of illegal drugs. 
How Does Cannabis Get Inside a Prison? 
 Inmates and Visitors: Cannabis is brought into prisons by inmates who have been on bail and knew they would be going to jail. They swallow numerous small balloons with cannabis or hide it in their anal cavity. Most correctional officers (COs) know this, but sometimes due to large volumes of inmates being processed daily, it can sometimes get by them with no problem. It is also brought in through the visiting room where visitors will try to get the inmate a package without being caught. 
Gangs and COs: Gangs will pay visitors or members of their own gang to commit a small crime and carry in large amounts of cannabis. Gang members will also pay a corrupt cop or sometimes blackmail one into being the scapegoat. Inside prison walls is a world unbeknownst to most people and it’s a place where cannabis can fetch a pretty penny. If the average price for a 1/2 gram joint of quality green bud sells for five dollars in the real world, that same joint can be broken down into five pinners for $10 each or more. 
Cannabis is King
 Cannabis is definitively king in prison and gang members know this and will go to any lengths to get it inside the prison. What most people don’t understand about gangs in prison is that they rule the prison with brute force and they are not afraid to kill someone or threaten a CO with his family. The gangs who control