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Is This Cannabis Product A Viable Tool To Fight Sleep Deprivation?

By Roger Malespin November 6, 2018

 American adults are known for turning in long working hours, taking lots of overtime, and using little vacation time compared with other first world countries. This had led to sleep disorders and deprivation to affect over 20% of the population, and an estimated 35% do not get the recommended 7 hour minimum of sleep nightly. Naturally, there is a massive industry in sleep aid that provides everything from pills to bed materials, yet our sleep problem in America doesn’t seem to be getting better. Now, a company named Zzz Natural is aiming to be the first cannabis-based company to combat sleep disorder.

aFounded by entrepreneur Blake Ricciardi in 2008, the idea for Zzz Natural came out of his own struggles with sleep deprivation, and the various ways the cannabis industry has tried and failed to combat it. Dispensaries around the country have said that one of the most common inquiries from customers is if they have anything for sleep aid, but none have found a solution without undesirable side effects like grogginess.

 So Ricciardi decided to tackle this problem with his own unique formula. The main product of Zzz Natural will be a disposable vape pen. According to Forbes, each pen  “contains a mixture of sleep-inducing terpenes and botanical extracts that include lavender, mango and chamomile.”

The formula is a result of hard research about what chemicals induce sleep and what strains of marijuana tend to lessen the effects of smoking before sleep, which is notorious for causing groggy mornings.

Furthering his ambitions, Ricciardi is teaming up with the Los Angeles-based Green Street, one of the premier marketing agencies in the marijuana industry. They have a strong track record in the market, and are in the midst of building a 7-story building that they hope will be a centerpiece in the legal marijuana market for years to come.

 Ricciardi himself has not been a marijuana user for some time, which, combined with his marketing expertise, gives him a unique perspective on the industry and how to further it. In an interview with Forbes, he said “For us, I think we’re going to set a tone within the industry in terms of categorizing certain products so that the new or existing user comes into it and feel comfortable using cannabis to enhance their lives.”
On his experience thus far as a newcomer in the cannabis industry, he said “It’s a weird scenario grasping that there is a plant-based product that can make you feel amazing and enhance your experiences, while at the same time it can help you sleep better, relieve stress or help you deal with pain. There’s nothing that compares to it.”

Zzz Natural is just one example of the entrepreneurial spirit of America finding its way into the legal cannabis market. People like Ricciardi are not only bringing new cannabis experiences to people, but also legitimizing cannabis a viable product for many ailments and disorders. Zzz Natural is almost ready to be released - the official website says the product is on track to debut sometime in the fall, so within the next month or so, keep an eye out for it if you are one of many people suffering from sleep deprivation.