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 Entry Level Jobs in Cannabis

 Staff Editorial

December 4th, 2018 Photo/Istock/golubovy

Right now, the cannabis initiative is gaining some legal ground on almost every level across states that are not fully legal. With that in mind, entry-level jobs in cannabis at cultivation centers are in demand, and it’s the perfect time to get a good paying job. If you’re a dedicated employee and passionate about cannabis, full-time employment as a cultivator, harvester or trimmer is a reality.

The most common entry-level jobs in cannabis is a trimmer. Trimmers can make $12 to $18 an hour; however, some expert trimmers can make up to $30 an hour. Incentives are often given as bonuses for meeting or exceeding production quotas, and health benefits are also included with paid vacation and sick time. Wages, salaries, and benefits will vary from state to state, depending on the business as well as the employee’s experience level.

 Some good tips to increase your odds of getting hired are as simple as knowing the cannabis plant’s anatomy and learning about as many strains as you can. Additionally, you should educate yourself of the flowing stage of cannabis because you will be working with buds covered with trichomes.

These trichomes contain the chemical compounds knowns as THC/CBD, and if they’re mishandled, the quality of the cannabis will not be as good. You should also know the difference between fan leaves, sugar leaves and how close to cut towards the bud to minimize wasted plant material.

According to, employment as a budtender has a national average of $12.64 per hour. Jobs in cannabis for being a budtender have some stiff competition and most businesses only hire the most experienced. Budtenders are the individuals who are responsible for helping medical marijuana patients with selecting the right strain or products for their conditions as well as patient education and customer service.


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