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Watching women toke up and play Shrill Society’s Nasty Woman card game is the perfect cannabis fueled, stigma-shattering girls-night-in.

The ladies who created High Herstory, the “420-friendly female Drunk History we’ve all been waiting for” (Bustle) have teamed up with cannabis delivery platform Nugg and feminist media brand Shrill Society to foster hilarious, real-talk conversation and shatter cannabis stigma.

From celebrating iconic feminists including Susan B. Anthony, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Winona LaDuke and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to giving definitions and context for terms and phrases like The Bechdel Test, Gender Pay Gap and Internalized Misogyny, the goal is to get you and your friends around a table discussing politics, feminism, and current events.

The game, which Cosmopolitan calls "Cards Against Humanity with a feminist twist” is already fun to play but adding cannabis to the mix made for even deeper, more meaningful conversations around politics and how women are treated in society.

High Herstory believes that showing a group of diverse women consuming cannabis as the norm can contribute to changing the stigma around everyone’s favorite plant in popular culture. Gone are the days of women hiding their cannabis use from friends out of shame. Traditionally cannabis culture has been geared at men and women smoking weed have been portrayed as incapacitated or sexualized from a male gaze. High Herstory’s videos present cannabis as a possibility to further engage with your friends and the world around you.

Every time a Nasty Woman game is sold Shrill Society donates to Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, Ida B. Wells Monument, Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Honor the Earth.

Shrill Society, founded by Amanda Brinkman, is a platform for independent creators and a human-centered design studio creating products that center women's stories. After the viral success of her Nasty Woman shirt that became a worldwide symbol during the Women's March and raised over $136k for nonprofits, they created the Nasty Woman game. Cosmopolitan is already calling it "Cards Against Humanity with a feminist twist.”

Nugg is building the world’s most customer-centric cannabis company. The platform provides the fastest way to get your medical marijuana recommendation, cannabis delivery from top-rated dispensaries, and access to world-class cannabis experts. Nugg serves over 350,000 people in California and New York, and will soon offer their services throughout the United States.

High Herstory is a content company for the female and cannabis revolutions whose work has been featured on Jezebel, Bustle, CNN and MSNBC. The show features cannabis-consuming comediennes telling stories from women's history recreated in high-syterical reenactments.