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 A personal Take On The Quality of Medical Cannabis


Medical cannabis is grown at huge facilities that are regulated by the government. They grow quantities for the masses and supply local dispensaries with a consistent product, but is the quality any good? There are a lot of people that use the cannabis dispensaries on a regular basis who would say the quality is good and some would say it is low. They advertise certain strands with a THC percentage that is clearly labeled on their websites and little glass jars in the display case; however, the THC level is often times a lot lower than advertised. 

LA Chocolate is a sativa, and is one of the highest quality strands advertised with a 29% THC level and although it does get you high, the mass production method does not yield a 29% THC level. The plant, if grown and cured correctly would have a 29% THC content; however, the actual THC content is more like 12%. Is this misleading, some would definitely agree that better quality control needs to be put into place. Rushing a product that a consumer is paying good money for is not good for business. 
With more states making recreational cannabis legal and local retailers opening doors in a lot of states, there is going to be some furious competition for the cannabis market across all sectors in the industry. If dispensaries don’t make some drastic changes in quality control issues, they will be facing certain perils in the near future with growers who are producing cannabis that is as advertised. Let’s face it, no one likes to smoke a joint and wonder if you got high or not? The dispensaries have a wide range of cannabis and with the exception of strands like Gorilla Glue and Sour Diesel, the rest are really, just low-grade cannabis