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Employment as a Cannabis Real Estate Agent

February 13th 2019, Photo/Istock/:smileitsmccheeze

 If you’re currently working as a real estate agent or want to break into this industry for part-time employment, right now is a prime opportunity to capitalize on this expanding market. With the widespread legalization of medical cannabis across the states, doors are opening for those who have a knack of finding prime real estate. Currently, there are 10 states that are fully legal for medical and recreational cannabis, and there will be more in the near future as this industry evolves.

 Cannabis businesses are under strict requirements and guidelines when it comes to the facilities and buildings they can operate in. As an illustration, indoor grow operations require special lighting and ventilation systems as well as a lot of physical space. The challenge for cannabis businesses is to find pre-existing buildings with the features to accommodate those needs.

 There are a lot of well-known real estate agencies like Century 21, Re/Max, ERA Dawson-Bradford, and others that are now specializing in providing a reliable service to cannabis entrepreneurs. There will be no shortage of cannabis businesses in the near future that are looking for a suitable facility to base their operations. This is also a prime employment opportunity for those who have a skill at flipping houses.