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CBD Products Offer A New, Legal Opportunity To Profit Off Of The Change In Cannabis Laws

By Harry Lyons

As society slowly changes to a general state of acceptance of marijuana, many laws have changed that have opened up several different business opportunities. Currently, thirty states have legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes. Nowadays the world of cannabis is offering more and more different new jobs. 
There are now many jobs available such as trimmers and budtenders if the person can find a nearby dispensary that is hiring. According to Forbes Magazine the marijuana industry is expected to create 300,000 new jobs by the year 2020. However, now there are more opportunities for people to become entrepreneurs and start their own canna-businesses. At about the same time marijuana laws across the country changed, legislation regarding the cultivation of marijuana's cousin plant hemp also changed. 

According to the National Conference Of State Legislatures website it all started when former U.S. President Barack Obama passed the Agricultural Act Of 2014. The act allowed colleges and universities across the country to begin studying the cultivation and production of hemp. Around the same time, 34 states across the nation passed legislature related to hemp regulation. 
Ever since research has begun, scientists have noticed positive attributes to consuming hemp products due to its lack of marijuana's active ingredient THC and the presence of CBDs. According to Medical News Today, CBDs can be used to fight cancer and treat conditions like epilepsy and anxiety. Due to the many benefits, CBD products are now growing in demand. 
There are currently several opportunities to open your own business selling CBD oils and other products. People across the nation have been joining companies and working for themselves as hemp salesmen. Many of the opportunities offered are similar to Avon or Tupperware salespeople where they sell out of their homes and vehicles. 

The word is quickly getting out across the world that hemp products containing high levels of CBDs can help treat a large variety of ailments. The more people that try hemp products, the more potential hemp entrepreneurs have to succeed. Pretty soon everyone will have a friend hit them up to go to a "hemp party."