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Preferences ….The Blunt or Glass Pipe ?

David Dickerman  Photo/istock/porpeller
As long as I have been a pot smoker, I have used glass pipes. This is the way I was introduced to smoking, and one tends to find it difficult to say goodbye to his or her first love. As I got older though, the novelty of being able to take resin hits and get high without actually having weed wore off and made me feel, for lack of a better word, disgusting. After testing a number of other instruments, I progressed to the more classy joints, and if I had friends along for the ride, the delicious blunt. Who do they think those blunt wraps are for anyways? Unfortunately, this is often overwhelming for a lone individual who often smokes to relax after work. Eventually, water pipes became my one true love and moved from an indulgence to an overall preference. That said, as we mature we often must put away childish things, and my bong eventually went the way of the dodo thanks to an irresponsible friend and campus safety. These days I use a PAX II vaporizer and could not be happier. Not only does it last for quite a while, but it also eliminates the need for that troublesome lighter. It is cleaner but can also eat through my stash. As a parent, I find it important to be responsible and use the healthiest and most efficient approach to ingesting weed. That said, I am always open to suggestions and looking forward to the next innovation this blossoming pro-marijuana culture has to offer