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Maine’s Governor Paul Lepage’s Veto for Legal Retail Cannabis is Overturned


Maine’s villainous Governor, Paul Lepage is no stranger to the public spotlight. Back in August of 2016, he made a racist comment about out-of-state drug dealers during a press conference by saying, “people of color are enemies of my state”, then tried to clean it up in a news conference later that week. He went on to say that 75 percent of drug-related arrests were people of the black and Hispanic ethnic groups. Maybe, if he would have presented this in a different fashion, he wouldn’t have been criticized so harshly; however, he has a very foul mouth and has been called on the carpet more than once for this behavior. So needless to say, he’s not the most popular public official. 
 Recreational cannabis was legalized in Maine during the November elections of 2016, but the state is still trying to write the laws, due in part to a villain who sits on capitol hill in Augusta.

Legislators wrote the path to legal sales and production of cannabis for recreational retail stores, but LaPage has been a major pain in the ass for the residents of Maine. He has constantly opposed the legalization of cannabis and most recently vetoed the adult-use bill. Legislature on May 30th, 2018, overturned his veto, putting Maine back on target for the original path to legalize cannabis and retail stores are now slated to open in early spring of 2019. 

Local cannabis dispensaries and caregivers are making a killing right now in the State of Maine. Retail stores will pay a high tax to the State of Maine; however, recreational cannabis will be more affordable than dispensaries. Right now, dispensaries are charging $35 for 1/8th of medical cannabis. The best green bud on the black market doesn’t even cost that much and has a higher THC level. Local caregivers and dispensaries are on Lepage's side, but the residents think this is long overdue. Those businesses capitalizing on this hitch in the law might want to save their profits and get into the retail side of the business because in 2019 their doors most likely will slowly close.