Top Four High Paying Cannabis Jobs in 2018

#1:  Botanical Specialist or Grow Master

The salary of a grow master ranges from roughly $80,000 - $100,000. As a botanical specialist, some of your responsibilities include managing warehouses and growing tasks such as trimming, feeding, transplanting, cloning or growing lights. You can also be tasked with training supervisors, minimizing your organization’s expenses, managing garden scheduling etc.

  #2: Marijuana Extraction Technician

This professional is tasked with the responsibilities of handling skilled lab work as well as extracting CBD, THC and other cannabinoids which offer the much-desired therapeutic qualities. The technician utilizes butane and CO2 to create high potency and quality concentrates. The risks involved in this job because of chemicals attract a higher pay.

  #3: Cannabis Consultant  

Consulting in the pot industry is a high-end paying job. By combining their expertise in local and state markets and regulations, cannabis consultants comfortably earn six figures. Most of these consultants boast backgrounds in accounting or law.

  #4: Dispensary Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Working as a state-licensed medical pot dispensary as a CFO/COO earns you roughly $125,000 annually. This is in addition to retirement and medical benefits. Some of the tasks a CFO/COO handles in a dispensary include supervising financial reporting, managing the accounting department, and managing cultivation facility operations. You’re also responsible for overseeing harvesting, processing as well as distribution. A dispensary’s CFO/COO is responsible for analyzing operations in order to enhance efficiency as well as reduce costs. Most importantly, this job entails developing and monitoring budgets. As much as you might lack prior cannabis industry experience, this position might be open if you’re a CPA (certified public accountant) or you’ve held a similar job in the past.