Before There Was Botox, There Was Cannabis

By Cheryl Green February 19th, 2019

 As I checked my coat in the lobby of the Hearst building on 57th street in Manhattan, I was impressed by the number of beauty industry insiders who were there to attend Cosmetic Executive Women's panel discussion, "The Future of Cannabis in Beauty".

That once illegal green, leafy plant that college students often grew secretly on their dorm room window sills has now become a coveted, key ingredient in the ever-growing, multi-billion dollar Beauty industry. There are many often complex, ins-and-outs in getting CBD-enriched beauty products to market due to numerous legalities, quality control issues and "up in the air" stipulations that will eventually be worked out, but remains something to think about as new and existing cosmetic brands jump on the cannabis bandwagon.

The marketing of beauty products containing CBD, the package design, education and image are also being considered, as the visual of the stereotypical green leaf is fading from product packaging and is quickly being replaced by high-end, clean graphic designs with no reference to the leaf (except maybe as a tiny little icon) giving it more prestige and image-elevation in the marketplace. The importance of aesthetic beauty in how CBD-enriched beauty products are marketed, perceived, packaged and merchandised are setting a precedent and a new standard as this industry rapidly progresses. As an exciting new topical ingredient in skincare in particular, it's long list of benefits are slowly becoming uncovered as scientists are looking into the many ways both medically and aesthetically that CBD can provide good health and wellness. CBD oil is packed with Vitamin A, that stimulates the cells responsible for producing the tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy, Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production, and vitamin E, which blocks free radicals from the body [which] helps slow down the aging process. This makes for an attractive, lucrative ingredient to offer which can justify the higher price point that these new products are commanding.

It will be interesting to watch the rapid growth of this industry and the tremendous profits to be made now that it's an open field where everyone is invited. High times, indeed!