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The Cannabis Industry Needs Freelance Writers

February 12th, 2019 photo/istock/Talaj

 Just like any other business that is running retail sales via online platforms and utilizes E-commerce shopping carts, every website needs convincing and engaging content. There are a lot of cannabis edible manufacturers, dispensaries, and producers that spend a lot of money on freelance writers to create content and promote their brand. They post the content on their blogs or on free article submission platforms like in order to find new customers who can simply click on their link and go straight to the online store.

A good writer can help a cannabis business to find new customers by using specific keywords in the articles that are geared towards their brand or products. Some cannabis business will exclusively use specific writers who can generate traffic and sales, and they pay quite handsomely for writers who can accomplish this task.

 If you’re an establish freelance writer with a good social media following on sites like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook? There are a lot of online cannabis-themed magazines and publication companies that you could pitch ideas to or send samples of your work in the cannabis industry for long-term employment.

 For those who are unsure of where to find employment as a freelance writer in the cannabis industry? Platforms like Textbroker and UpWork are a great place to find clients who are looking for good writers for their business. If you have a passion for writing and love for cannabis, writers are wanted.