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Cannabis Delivery Drivers Wanted

December 3rd, 2018 photo/Istock/JJFarquitectos

Staff Editorial

Jobs in cannabis for individuals with a clean driving record are in high-demand, and cannabis delivery drivers are wanted in almost every state where either medical or recreational cannabis is legal. Medical and recreational cannabis is on the rise, and dispensaries need individuals who can deliver the products to the customers.

 A recent report from the Farm Marijuana Dispensary showed the average salary for a cannabis delivery driver is between $39K and $42K annually with incentives for profit sharing, stock bonus, commission sharing, and cash bonuses. [1] There are a number of licensed dispensaries who offer part and full-time employment opportunities as well as privately run delivery services who are contracted with the dispensaries.

One of the earliest start-up delivery services was Eaze in California, and now they’ve expanded their empire into a legal shipping of CBD products across America.[2] The average pay for cannabis delivery drivers is pretty consistent on a national level, which suggests that this is a steady employment opportunity for those who are looking for a viable source of income. Tips are also added incentives as well as employee discounts on cannabis.

 The 10 Highest Paying Cities for Cannabis Delivery Drivers

 1. $13.95 hourly or $29,013 annual in Hayward, CA

2. $13.18 hourly or $27,408 annual in Newark, NJ

3. $13.10 hourly or $27,238 annual in Baltimore, MD

4. $12.99 hourly or $27,019 annual in Wheeling, IL

5. $12.88 hourly or $26,790 annual in Dallas, TX

6. $12.77 hourly or $26,559 annual in Long Beach, CA

7. $12.76 hourly or $26,541 annual in Fall River, MA

8. $12.71 hourly or $26,446 annual in Anaheim, CA

9. $12.71 hourly or $26,437 annual in Detroit, MI

10. $12.69 hourly or $ 26,388 annual in Portland, OR

Jobs in cannabis for delivery drivers require a background check and clean driving record. If you love driving and meeting new people who rely on your service, then employment in the cannabis industry as a delivery driver is for you.


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