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 A Short History On The Evolution of Cannabis


Over the last half-century, cannabis has evolved into a society in ways that were only, once dreamed about. The quality today is far superior and growing has become a form of art. Back in the 60s, cannabis use was looked down on by society and people hid their use with extreme caution. Bands like “The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix” sparked public venues where cannabis could be smoked freely. Woodstock was the catalyst that gave cannabis national attention and where stoners launched the hippy movement of the 60s.  

The 70s saw a period of turmoil with the hippy movement from the 60s advocating against the Vietnam War and soldiers becoming heavily dependent on cannabis. Citizens of the United States started to not care about what people thought and cannabis was smoked at public events on a wide scale. The 80’s was a time when cannabis went back into a phase of being shameful and it was not that socially acceptable. Weed like Tia Stick and Lamb's breath were considered an exotic strand during the 80s and it was very expensive. 

The 90’s brought in an era of grunge music with bands like “Nirvana and Pearl Jam” leading the way for an explosion of cannabis use among adolescents. This was also when the nations crime rates were at their highest and gang members thrived on connections with the Colombian drug cartels. The 2000s was a time when medical and recreational cannabis started to become a reality with citizens getting enough votes to get it on the ballots in November to make it legal. More widespread use for all age groups was starting to be more socially accepted and during the 2010s leading up to the 2020s is a time when cannabis can now be enjoyed in 29 states legally.