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Changes to Cannabis Act Are Rejected by the Canadian Government 


The federal Liberal government has rejected 13 Senate amendments on the road to legalizing cannabis. This also includes the upper chamber’s efforts to ban outright and further limit the ability to grow cannabis at home. Some of the rejected proposals are to ban cannabis swag and home-grown cannabis. In a motion that was presented to the House of Commons, the Liberals stated that they can’t support this Senate amendment as it would provide provinces to ban home-grown cannabis and that the bill already provides territories and provinces the right to impose their own restrictions. 
Once the original legislation is passed it would provide a legal limit of up to four cannabis plants per household. Manitoba and Quebec have already banned home-grown cannabis; however, the amendment would have wiped-out the possibility of legal objection under their constitutional authority to make changes. The Canadian government argues how important it is to allow Canadians to grow at home in order to influence the Cannabis Act’s specific goal of putting an end to the illegal cannabis industry. 
Canadians can grow tobacco at home and brew beer, so what’s the big deal about a little weed? Public officials believe that it’s entirely possible to grow cannabis at home for medical purposes and that the legislation needs to be consistent for regulations in all provinces for recreational cannabis. The Liberals, on the other hand, say they won’t support any amendments geared towards the banning the sale of T-shirts branded by cannabis swag or would they have needed a registry for cannabis companies. Senators say this is only an effort to keep the mob out of the legal game for cannabis.