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Is Marijuana Tourism The Next Big Thing In The United States?

 By Roger Malespin November 4, 2018

For a long time, there seemed to be very limited tourist destinations where weed smoking was a selling point. Amsterdam was the one big name on the list, and maybe some less safe places in North Africa like Morocco, but other than those, marijuana was never something tourists would definitely put on their itinerary. That has started to change in the wake of legalization in the U.S., as several states have or are planning to have marijuana-themed tourist attractions and activities.

Much of the weed tourism in the States are in the states of Colorado and Washington, after the historic citizen votes there in 2014. In Colorado, the state’s tourism office found that legal marijuana was ‘highly influential’ in tourists choosing there as a destination, and out-of-state visitors accounted for half of its sales.
One of the most popular attractions for cannabis in Colorado is the Denver Marijuana Tour. Here, a marijuana-friendly limousine will take tourists to a high tech growing facility, a glass blowing demo, and several dispensaries with a stop for lunch. There are different 420 packages for party size starting for a low price of $79, so anyone looking for a fun and educational marijuana experience in Colorado should check it out.

Over in Washington state, there is Weed Bus, described on its website as “educational tour in Downtown Seattle that travels to hemp and cannabis events”. The tour takes riders across over a dozen marijuana dispensaries, grow houses, and a glass shop in what can only be described as a complete cannabis tour experience. Of course, the bus itself allows smoking and tourists are welcome to bring their own product along, as well as whatever they may buy on the tour. Weed Bus times may vary, so anyone in Washington who is interested should check their website for the latest schedule.

Lastly, you’ve heard of a bed and breakfast, but maybe not a bud and breakfast. The East coast is not left out of the fun as Maine offers up this unique experience to marijuana enthusiasts. Although selling weed is illegal in Maine, the state allows 2 ½ ounces for personal use. Some folks are sharing their harvest, and Maine Greenyards Bud and Breakfast in Auburn is one. Here, tourists experience everything a typical high end bed and breakfast has to offer, along with free homegrown gifts from the garden, 24 hour access to the indoor pool and Jacuzzi, and, during the fall, the chance to trim your own weed from the plants.

These are just a few of the many marijuana-themed tourist events around the country. As you can see, they are not limited to states that have legalized recreational use. People will always find a way to monetize what they can, so if you are interested in any marijuana tours, check the information of the state you live in or that you’re going to visit and see what they have to offer. Before long, the U.S. could become the number 1 destination in the world for marijuana tourism.