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420 Friendly Sex Event in America


That’s right, imagine a place where you can roll a joint and roll out the Trojan at the same time? In early January of 2018, a Cannabis Club in Colorado Springs advertised a “clothing optional” sex event at the Speakeasy Vape Lounge. It had an overwhelming response with social media asking questions if this was legal? The owner of the club, Jaymen Johnson stated, “It is legal and there are no special requirements in the city or state other than it’s required to be held in a private building and advertised as a private event.” 
They posted an online ad that said the doors will be closed to the public on the second Saturday of every month and RSVP before the event is required along with an orientation on the night of the event. The Cannabis Club advertised that admission for single men was $35 and could be limited, couples at $25, and single women for five dollars. Johnson said, “ Safety and cleanliness are very important and there is a required waiver to sign before the party with a list of rules; where no means no, where you ask before touching, and where you only ask once.” 
According to supporters, they feel there is a need for it and if a place is provided, they are going to do it. Then there are those members of the local community who feel this will leave a bad stain and turn Colorado Springs into the next “Bunny Ranch” and bring in unwanted clientele into their neighborhood. Media efforts to get answers from city officials have resulted in being referred to the local police, where answers there were met with, “We’re looking into it.” For now, it appears that on the second Saturday of the month in Colorado Springs, you can go to a place where you can buy cannabis and get laid, relatively cheap.