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Las Vegas Based Cannabis Entrepreneur Speaking at a "Sold Out" MJ Biz Conference and Expo

Priscilla Vilchis, one of the only female minority with a dozen of cannabis licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles County, California, is one of the seasoned industry executives that will be speaking at the conference, this year.

This event considered as the “largest B2B gathering in the burgeoning landscape of legal weed and was named to Trade Show Executive's ‘Fastest 50’,” according to Forbes.

Priscilla Vilchis, CEO of Premium Produce, will be speaking on the “Cultivation Data Download: Stats, Trends & Analysis” panel on “How Diversity Leads to Profitability: Increasing Margins with Hiring Practices,” Friday, November 16, 2018 from 11:55 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 She will be speaking on the panel alongside other diverse marijuana executives,The experienced cannabis industry professionals will discuss a multitude of topics, including: the range of costs required to start and operate various types of grow operations; tips to increase yield and maximize revenue; how cultivators are adapting to falling wholesale marijuana prices; and strategies to implement new lighting technologies into your grow facility.

Wearing multiple hats, Priscilla Vilchis is the CEO and CMO of Premium Produce. She is a self-made business magnate who has earned a reputation as the most interesting female in the cannabis industry. She was the youngest and first-ever minority female CEO to be awarded licenses to cultivate and produce medical and retail (recreational) cannabis in Nevada. Vilchis built Premium Produce from the ground up, and the company is proud to be launching her own “Queen of the Desert” cannabis brand.  

Since breaking onto the cannabis scene in 2013, Vilchis has made her mark on the industry. She is regularly consulted by the press for her expert opinion, and has been featured in major publications including Bloomberg, Telemundo, Forbes, CNN Money and LA Weekly. She was featured on the cover of Cannabis Business Times, and has starred in televised segments with CNN-HLN, NBC, CBS, Telemundo, and LATV’s ‘The Zoo’. 

In addition to establishing herself as an industry leader, Vilchis is a passionate advocate who performs community outreach and cannabis education at every opportunity. She was a commencement speaker for the first-ever graduating class of the USC Iovine and Young Academy and spoke at Teens Exploring Technology (TXT). 

Vilchis aims to shed the outdated stigma surrounding cannabis, and inspire young professionals to pursue their dreams in this groundbreaking industry. 

Previously in her career, Vilchis quickly built and grew several multimillion-dollar businesses. She managed some of Southern California’s premier physicians – helping them navigate regulations within the healthcare industry - and quickly expanded her businesses to states across the country. She is well-informed on pain medications and provides substantial education to the public on the use of medications for pain relief. In fact, her passion for innovative advances in pain medicine is what led her to cannabis. Based on her substantial background in the healthcare sector, she believes that the use of medical cannabis will result in savings to health insurance and workers compensation systems. Vilchis’s ultimate goal is to generate reimbursements from health insurance providers for medical cannabis.

Vilchis strategically positioned her flagship cannabis company Premium Produce in Nevada due to its enlightened view of cannabis legalization. Vilchis became a major player in the Nevada market early on, and she has established herself “the queen of the desert.” She is now setting her sights on her home of Los Angeles, California, where she obtained four additional licenses in Lynwood, California - the first L.A. County city to allow cannabis cultivation and production. She has also applied for the first-ever full service cannabis lounge in West Hollywood, California. Vilchis is eager to apply her cannabis business expertise to provide an ever greater number of consumers access to clean and safe cannabinoid products.