Cannabis Infused Beers May Be Starting A New Trend

By Harry Lyons

As soon as marijuana was made legal, growers and manufacturers came out with thousands of products that contain THC and CBDs. Edibles and cannabis-infused foods started the trend. These days you can find things like marijuana-infused gummies, hard candies, or THC butter that you can use when cooking just about anything. 
Manufacturers also started making weed-infused beverages. However, at first, the medicated beverage trend only offered sodas and juices. Until recently there were no cannabis-infused beverage options that mimic adult drinks. But once one manufacturer came out with a weed-infused beer, many more are planning to follow suit. 
A beer that contains marijuana products is not necessarily a new idea, but the way they are making them now is. Todd DeRemus, owner, and brew master at the Ute Pass Brewing Company located near Colorado Springs, CO said that he has been experimenting with hemp products inside beers for a couple of years now. "Two years ago I came up with our CBDB Porter that I brewed with hemp seed," DeRemus said. "People liked the effects the CBDs inside the beer gave them." However, the beers brewed at the Ute Pass Brewing Company were made with hemp that contains no THC, and the beers still had an alcohol content. 
According to Men's Journal, a brewery in Colorado just got a hemp-infused beer approved by the feds for the first time. The Aurora, CO-based brewery Dad and Dudes Breweria recently got approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to sell its "General Washington's Secret Stash IPA" in all 50 states in the U.S. The brew contains alcohol and CBDs which are known for their positive effects on health. 
Before now most breweries had not experimented with THC-infused beers because it is against federal law. According to USA Today, the inventor of Blue Moon beer is planning on launching three different types of beer made with marijuana. The beers are scheduled to come out with no alcohol content but instead, they are made with a unique marijuana mixture that is supposed to mimic the effects of alcohol. The beer trumps federal law because it does not contain alcohol in it. The three beers are planned to only be available in Colorado at first starting this fall. 
The beers that will only be available in recreational marijuana dispensaries may start a trend in beverage manufacturing. Some claim that having beers laced with THC instead of alcohol may be healthier for you and not cause the user to get a hangover after consumption. However, due to federal law, manufacturers have to choose between THC or alcohol and can't have both at least for now...