Is Cannabis For Domesticated Pets Safe?

By Stephan Dweck

There are a lot of good reasons for keeping your stash away from your pets, however, your pet may benefit from using medical marijuana products induced with THC. Veterinarian medicine could be on a breaking point for the next big evolution of new advancements in medical sciences for domestic animals. The next frontier in cannabis medicine most likely will include the way in which we show our love and compassion for our pets by using alternative medical solutions. 
Studies have shown that pets who’ve always been anxious could have been treated at earlier stages in their lives with the same way individuals with anxiety disorders are treated today; with medical marijuana. In most cases, pet owners don’t realize this until their pet is suffering from an age-related illness and these conditions could have been prevented or prolonged with the medical benefits contained in cannabis. 

Cannabis Effects on Animals
 Cats, dogs, rabbits, and other domesticated animals do in fact suffer from the same medical ailments as humans do, including seizures, arthritis, cancer, anxiety, and more. Like pet-owners; animals react negatively to traditional prescribed pharmaceuticals. One product that is available for pets in some local medical marijuana dispensaries is VETCBD which is a cannabinoid extract and is sold as an olive-based tincture that is easy to use and safe for pets. CBD is providing a safer alternative with very few side effects and is getting global attention from veterinarians. 
 Cannabis has been providing medical benefits for years and a lot of which has been done on experimental laboratory rodents. In various studies, medical marijuana has been shown to reduce inflammation in rats stricken with arthritis, reduce pain for rodents with serious muscle cramps, have anticonvulsant effects on mice, and repair heart function in rabbits. As the need for cannabis pet products grows, there’s a good chance that medical marijuana options for humans could be underscored by their own pets, and evidence suggests that we’re already heading in that direction. 
CBD Safe Products for Pets
 Auntie Dolores: is an Oakland, California based company that sells “Treatibles” that are bone-shaped and dogs love them. 
 Canna-Pet: sells biscuits, tinctures, and capsules for cats, dogs, and even horses. 
  provides a joint and hip liquid for dogs suffering from these medical conditions. 
 VertiScience: manufactures a 225mg tablet for dogs with heart and liver disease. 
 Clean Pet Nutrition: has hemp-oil for dogs and cats that helps with stress relief, anxiety, arthritis, and joint/hip relief. 
 These are just a few cannabis products that are available online and at local retail marijuana dispensaries. Treatment options for our pets seem to be taking a wider turn than ever before and we can be certain that medical uses for marijuana-induced products for our furry little friends aren’t going anywhere soon. Medical science is backing the facts that cannabis products are safe for our pets. So, if your stash comes up missing, “The dog ate it” could have a whole new literal meaning.