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New Law Changes Bring Marijuana Trimming Job Opportunities

By Harry Lyons (photo/istock/OpenRangeStock)

Trimming the flowers or buds off of marijuana plants has always been a tedious task. Back in the day before weed was legal people with basement setups would trade finished product with their friends and throw a trimming party. Every time the plants were ready, illegal growers would buy beer, turn on music and invite only their most trusted friends over and hand them a pair of scissors. 
These days the opportunities have changed for people willing to roll up their sleeves and trim marijuana. Bud trimming is now a job where people can get full-time gigs with benefits. Marijuana trimming jobs are offered all over states where either medical or recreational marijuana is legal. These jobs are usually offered as entry level positions starting between $12 and $15 an hour and offer opportunities for advancement. 
According to High Times Magazine, once trimmers get their foot in the door and learn the ins and outs of the industry from the bottom up, promotions and raises in salary are likely to happen. Many people start with scissors in their hands but then work their way up to jobs such as gardeners or concentrate developers. After promotions, it is not unusual for people to be making between $50,000 and $90,000 a year working in the marijuana industry. 
According to The Broke Back Packer website seasonal weed trimming jobs are still offered on a seasonal basis. During early fall is when outdoor marijuana grow operations harvest their crops. In areas like Northern California, there is more pot to trim than there are workers. discusses how nomadic backpackers can travel to California during harvest season and find work on outdoor marijuana farms. 
As time passes by, the opportunities to make money doing what at one time was illegal is growing. People may have to start out as low-level trimmers but then may find themselves running the entire operation.