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How Realistic Is It To Get A Job As A Budtender?

By Roger Malespin  (photo istock.clom/:Ben-Schonewille )

With the legal cannabis market still in its early stages, there are a lot of people looking to break into the industry as distributors. But what about those who don’t have the financial or other means to open a business but still want in? Fortunately, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press, cannabis companies are aggressively pursuing budtenders -  men and women to be the first point of contact for customers when they walk into a dispensary. 

Before anyone who thinks they are qualified for the job simply by being a stoner, they should know that this is a professional position and companies are not looking to reinforce stoner stereotypes as the face of their business. First of all, a budtender has to be just like any other successful salesperson - personable. As the first thing customers will encounter, budtenders must be ready and willing to assist them in many ways. That brings us to the second requirement - knowledgeability. The budtender must know the products, offer recommendations based on customer requirements, and understand dosage and safety just to name a few things. Most of the budtenders will find success the same ways that other salespeople do.
Another likely requirement is a clean criminal record. Remember that these new business are looking to break stoner stereotypes not just in person but on record as well. Professionalism in hiring practices is to be expected as it were any other company, though possibly with some relaxed rules from business to business. 
However, any potential applicants should not be deterred by this. Getting certified is relatively cheap -  less than $300 can get someone certified with all the basic knowledge of retail cannabis, and there may be some business who are willing to hire without those qualifications, but of course some knowledge before applying will help a great deal. Remember, personality and approach are key.

The earning potential is good for a low skill, limited experience job, with a lot of growth potential. $35-40 thousand per year is the average range of starters, but one should scout many potential places before committing as the salaries can vary. 

Right now, it is easier to find employment in the cannabis industry in some places than others, but the market is growing at an exceptional rate and the jobs will be more widespread before we realize it. For a list of the 10 biggest cities for employment opportunity, click here.

No matter where someone is are, chances are that they and many people they know would say they are not happy with their job. The cannabis industry is the largest new market for employment in the country, and is looking to attract people with degrees as well as those without the academic record many other businesses require. For those people who are looking for a career change, an entry level position, or even freelance positions, the cannabis industry is there and should be explored by anyone who is interested