Girl Scout Makes Record Sales in Front of Pot Shops in California

For a Girl Scout to sell cookies ideally has a deeper meaning than distributing Thin Mints and Samoas to the world. Traditionally, it’s about communicating with adults, money management, teamwork, and setting goals for the future. If a young Girl Scout can embark on some business endeavors early in life, she’s most likely to succeed later in her life. 
A young Girl Scout in San Diego has taken conventional methods of entrepreneurial-ship to a whole new level. Her identity is not being publicly identified for obvious reasons, however, what she did has gotten worldwide attention. She set her shop up outside of a dispensary in San Diego, California. At an average of $5.00 per box, she sold an astounding 300 boxes in just six hours! That translates to $1,500.00 worth of munchies. 
Girl Scouts are required to get permission in San Diego from the business owner before they “booth” or set up shop. No matter how they sell cookies they’re under strict guidelines from the San Diego’s Girl Scout communications director to sell between a period of February 9th and March 11th. 
Even though there have been some big props for knowing where the demand was going to be that day, the Girl Scout administration has been trying to figure out how to deal with cannabis-adjacent sales as more states have legalized marijuana. In 2014 the Colorado Girl Scouts didn’t allow their scouts to “booth” in front of any dispensaries, but since then has abandoned that policy. The San Diego Girl Scout isn’t the first to sell munchies outside of a marijuana dispensary. A 13yr old girl sold 117 boxes within two hours in 2014. 
In mainstream America, this isn’t much different than selling a product in front of any other business, the only difference is it’s a marijuana dispensary. Everybody loves Girl Scout cookies and looks forward to that time of year when the troops will be out in full. There’s always going to be some type of opposition from those who don’t agree with the marketing techniques. It’s just like any other business trying to find a new selling technique. After all, this is America, and we need to be able to adapt to the changes as more states legalize marijuana.