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How to Diagnose Yellow Leaves on Your Cannabis Plants


For those who are just starting out, growing a quality cannabis plant requires some knowledge to know when your plant is sick. Weeks have passed since it was first born and just a baby seedling, you’ve invested quality time into your cannabis plant and have spent some cash on plant food, yet it’s showing signs of yellow leaves, this is a sign of a deficiency. This guide is going to help you diagnose the most common yellow leaf deficiencies and the applications to use to correct them. 
 Lower Leaves Turning Yellow
 This is a sign of a nitrogen deficiency if you see the lower leaves turning yellow at the begging of the flowering stage or in the vegetative stage. It’s normal for large cannabis plants to lose a few lower yellow leaves; however, if your plant is showing signs of advanced nitrogen deficiency during the vegetative state and you are losing a lot of yellow leaves while they seem to be spreading up the plant quickly, your plant will need to be treated. 
 Vegetative Stage
 During the vegetative stage, you can use any plant food that contains a high level of nitrogen and these can be found at any garden retail store. Some brands that work well during the vegetative stage for yellow leaves are Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro or General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow, both are great solutions. 
 Flowering Stage
 During the flowering stage, it’s vital to use a nutrient system with fewer nitrogen levels and any “Flowering or Bloom” style based nutrients will work. Some brands that work well during the flowering stage for yellow leaves are Dyna-Gro Bloom and General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom.

 If you can’t find something at your local garden center or your cannabis plant needs immediate attention, most cactus plant foods contain solid nutrient ratios that can get you out of a pinch. A nitrogen deficiency will cause new leaves on your cannabis plant to steal nitrogen from other leaves which causes the older leaves to turn yellow.