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Cannabis-Themed Social Events Are Rising In Popularity In Legal States

By Roger Malespin October 31, 2018 photo/istock/rez-art

As much as we all celebrate the legalization of personal, private marijuana use, there are people who are dismayed that they cannot smoke openly in public. No matter the state, they all emphasize that consumption must take place in private residence for it to be legal. This is a compromise we as a community must be willing to accept. Yes, it is true that people are allowed to smoke tobacco in most public spaces and not marijuana, but we shouldn’t despair because  The next big thing could be marijuana themed social gatherings.

By and large, people in the cannabis community are social folks. We want to have a good time with friends, family, and make news friends while enjoying the sacred plant. Smoking alone is all well and good, but it is best enjoyed as a shared experience. To that end, house parties and other social events centered around cannabis have been crafted by many of our entrepreneurial minded members for us to enjoy.

One of these is Tokeativity, a startup designed by friends Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro. Tokeativity is for women only (sorry fellas), takes place at Montanaro’s three story Portland home, and focuses on gathering working women for nights of toking and career planning. There are different themes, and subjects covered range from accounting, to CV building, and the fundamentals of running a business.

Three stories is a lot of space, and they are used to full capacity, including various women-owned businesses represented for goers to sample their products and network with each other. The variety of businesses and products on display at Tokeativity is impressive, and we encourage any women in the Portland area to look into attending.

Others events include is Puff, Pass, and Paint, and its offshoot, Puff, Pass, and Pottery. These are just like the wine & painting events many of you have heard of, only replace the wine with fine marijuana. Various types of crafting such as abstract painting, embroidery patch making, and pyrography (the art of wood burning). For the pottery workshops, attendees can design and craft their own pipes, and learn what makes a good, clean pipe design. The Puff and Pass events have gatherings in many cities across the country, so check out their website to see if there are any new you.

Are you into fitness as well as getting high, then you might want to check out Buddha Bud Yoga, another Portland-area event. Expect a variety of cannabis products and paraphernalia followed by an hour long yoga session lead by expert practitioner Karli Janine Erickson. Events are held every three weeks and according to their Facebook page, is “Welcoming every gender, race, class & identity - Buddha Bud invites all who come with positive intentions, even non-experienced yogis too”.

These are just a few of the many cannabis-themed social events out there. A surprising number of people in the community don’t know about them, but all it takes is a quick Google search for cannabis community activities and you’re bound to find something to your liking. Who says restricting smoking to private property is a bummer?