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Smoking vs. Edibles

By David Dickerman ( photo/istock/com/rgbspace)

The way an individual ingests marijuana can drastically impact his or her high. While the first time that I ever used pot was in the form of delicious brownies, I must admit that I have never gotten as pleasurable of a high through any means other than smoking. That said, in another lifetime I was a cigarette smoker, so perhaps it is the sensation that I crave in addition to the effects of THC. 
With legalization becoming more and more common, I was excited to explore this side of the herb as tests have shown that eating marijuana generally has a stronger impact than smoking it. We all have that friend or parent who tried a little too much thinking that whatever they were eating was a run-of-the-mill treat. I have tried edibles in many forms including but not limited to cookies, gummies, and hard candies to name a few. I have gotten the standard feedback when I have questioned my high (or lack thereof). “Maybe you need to eat more,” they say. “Just give it time,” they tell me. I even have doubled the dosage against the advice of my friends, but still nothing. As I have discussed before, it is a fact that weed interacts with people’s biology differently so maybe it is just not in the cards. The one time I did feel something was when I combined it with smoking. It felt great, but as long-time smoker I was looking for that comparable-yet-different experience that I have heard about. I am open to suggestions.