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The Cannabis Industry Is The New Ground In American Innovation

By Roger Malespin  Photo/istock/bestdesigns

There is no greater story of innovation than that of 20th Century America. From earlier inventors like Edison, Ford and Rockefeller, to recent geniuses like Gates, Jobs, and Musk, entrepreneurs cannot find more fertile soil than America. Automobiles, airplanes, and computers are some of the greatest machines to come out of our industrial revolution, but the new frontier in innovation is not in a factory - it’s in a grow house. 
The dynamic, ever-changing landscape of the cannabis industry in the U.S. is what gives rise to these new innovators. The laws are complex and vary from state to state, and those who want to be big players in the business have to be on top of all of it.

While there are certainly innovations on the growing side of industry, the science and technology side is where most of the innovation is happening, as well as more profit.
One of the major innovations are cannabis tracking systems. States that regulate cannabis require all plants on the market to be tracked from seed to sale, so technology was needed to do so reliably. In steps BiotrackTHC, who developed Cannabis Compliance Software that is the standard for extensive cannabis tracking and reporting capabilities. From assigning each plant a unique 16-digit tracking number, all the way through harvest, transportation, and sale, this software is essential for any cannabis business.

Another recent development is called the lossless activation chamber Y (LACY). This was made to combat another major problem in the industry - traditional methods of activation and infusion degrade the cannabis plant profile. LACY fast tracks cannabis strains to a pharmaceutical version (pill form) that captures the entire strain specific effects. It was developed by Harvest Direct Enterprises, who saw that too much of a plants molecular composition was lost during refinement and made the world’s first truly strain-specific, non-smoked medicinal cannabis product.

Lastly, one of the seldom considered problems is water use. States have strict rules of water discharge, disposal and storage. Local governments really don’t like run-off, or water waste, so precise systems have to be installed which can reliably maintain all aspects of water management for a grow facility. Reclamation systems and closed-circuit desalination systems are innovation hotbeds for the cannabis industry - such as the system recently developed by Desalitech which removes any impurities or residuals in the municipal water source to create a pure water base, and enables the facility to recover 97 percent of its wastewater, reducing new water demand and saving disposal fees.

New challenges are often met with more to come, but the cannabis industry has been ahead of the game for at least a decade. The combination of an emerging legal landscape and need for increased production and efficiency are what’s drawing the best minds in science, technology, and cultivation together for the benefit of us all. From medical patients to recreational smokers, everyone who needs or wants cannabis in their life can rest easy knowing that the great American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and focused on the cannabis industry.