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Top 3 Hot & Pot Business Opportunities

In mainstream America, the cannabis industry is thriving and continues to be on the upswing with sales estimated in the billions. It’s becoming apparent that cannabis is a lucrative market and there are thousands of people wanting a share of the spoils. 
With so many different branches from growing cannabis to the consumer purchase? How do you know where to start? We’ve put a list together of the top 3 hot & pot business opportunities that the average entrepreneurial can start with a minimal investment and start getting some of that green today. 

1. Be a Cannabis Gourmet Chef: 
 If you’re someone who loves to cook, there’s a growing demand for cannabis and there has been even a bigger interest in edibles. Not all medical marijuana patients can smoke cannabis for various reasons and they might have to use the THC concentrated forms by drinking a juice, eating hard candies, and yes, pot brownies. Right now millions of dollars are being spent in California alone. If your passion is for cooking, this is an easy market to get involved with. You can find out how to get started today by going to this helpful link.

2. Be A Cannabis Banker: 
 The current cannabis industry is in a gray area where it’s still federally prohibited, however, still encouraged in other states where it’s legal for medicinal and recreational purposes. There are a lot of legitimate entrepreneurs with a solid business plan that can’t get financed by banks. If you’re retired or someone who has the benefit of a few extra dollars tucked away?  This is a prime opportunity to be a Cannabis Banker to help these start-up business get off the ground while adding to your retirement funds. This business will always be in demand and you could even become a recognized leader in the industry. Log on to your local City Hall public records and find out who has recently applied for a license, been denied due to the failure of a secured loan, and simply call them. 
 Business opportunities are knocking. For more information on cannabis, banking read this article.
3. Be a Cannabis Florist: 
Is someone you love sick? Send them a get-well cannabis arrangement? Does this sound crazy? It might not if you knew the statistics of this untapped market. The potential far exceeds anything trending right now due to the fact there are millions of licensed medical marijuana users in the United States alone. The depths go further than someone you love? How about millions of legal users that you could ship your cannabis bouquets too? 
 Here’s a link that will help flourish your business and wallet with greenery.